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Abiding Life

Our purpose isn't to be the largest church in town, nor even the "coolest" church in town. The purpose of Abiding Life Grace & Faith Church is simply to be a place for people to come to experience God's radical love, His abundant & amazing grace, & the power of unwavering faith in Him!

Abiding Life Christian Ministries
is currently made up of Five Branches of Ministry.
We exist to promote the Full Gospel of the Kingdom of God by promoting messages of Grace, Faith, Righteousness, & the Spirit-Led Life!

  1. Media Ministry Rivers of Living Water (Media Ministries – TV, Radio, & Internet) - click on "Media" page
  1. Started Rivers of Living Water on FPA Cox 10 in 2000
  2. Expanded to Spirit Channel 36, Radio Fairfax, & FPA 37 in 2013
  3. Expanded from a 30 minute broadcast to an hour long broadcast in September 2014
  4. Expanded Media Ministry to & YouTube in 2015
  5. Started sponsoring Walking by Grace with Bertie Brits on Spirit 37 in April, 2017
  6. Produced Gracia Y Fe to air on International Channel 30 from September 2017 until the end of 2018.
  7. Facbook livestreaming began in early 2019.
  1. Abiding Life Missions (Started in 2005) - click on "Missions" page
  2. Grace Conferences, Seminars, and Healing Services (started 2/2012)
  3. Abiding Life Grace & Faith Church (Started 1/2014)
    - 1001 Queen Street, Alexandria (1/14-9/15)
    - 45449 East Severn Way, Suite #169, Stering, VA (10/15-7/17)
    - 10 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite #150, Sterling, VA (7/17 to present)
  4. Abiding-Life Christian Theological Seminary (A.C.T.S) - click on "College" page
  5. Life Library (Bookstore & Publishing Ministry – future vision)
  6. Faith Forest (Campground / Christian Vacation & Ministry Center – future vision)

Abiding Life is committed to a vision and mission of reaching the world with the Full Gospel of the Kingdom. We boldly declare the Full Faith Message and the glorious Gospel of Grace. We encourage everyone to walk in Covenant with their Creator.

Boldly proclaiming the Glorious Gospel of Grace, the Word of Faith, the FInished Work of the Cross of Christ, & the Father's Radical Love for YOU!

~not "seeker Sensitive"
but Spirit sensitive ~

~ not "purpose diven",
but Presence drawn ~

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