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Abiding Life

AbidingLife Christian Theological Seminary

10 Pidgeon Hill Drive, #150, 
Sterling, VA 20165

God has called you into the ministry! Now, you need to prepare for the God-ordained destiny that is before you. Equip yourself for the challenges that are ahead. Jesus promised you that you could do the same works, and greater, than that in His own earthly ministry. Unlock your ministry potential with the help of Abiding Life Christian Theological Seminary. Now, more then ever, there is a need for Christian Leaders who are anointed, grace-grounded, faith-focused, & spirit-sensitive.

ACTS is training men and women to go forth in the power and might of the Holy Spirit, and in the authority of the Name of Jesus, proclaiming uncompromised messages of grace and hope from the infallible Holy Word of God. They are being trained to present Full Gospel messages of grace, faith, sonship, and the Spirit-led life, as they are instruments in the Hands of the One True Holy God.

AbidingLife Christian Theological Seminary is approved as a degree-granting institution by the Virginia State Council of Higher Eduction. In pursuant to 8 VAC 40-31-50 of the Virginia Administrative Code, Abiding-Life Christian Theological Seminary is a religious institution exempt from the Councils's regulations and oversight in the Commonealth of Virginia, until May 9, 2023.

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