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Abiding Life
Pastor Mabguangbou Daimai 
I was born and brought up from Christian Family. My father was a Pastor in a small Church. While I was a young boy, I aspired to be an officer of the Indian Government. But my plan and God's plan were totally different. In 1988 I was seriously sick, laying on the bed for 8 month. I consulted with several Doctors and visited several Hospitals but my diseases were never able to be diagnosed by Doctors. On one fine evening, my parents and I were earnestly prayed to the Lord for the healing and the Lord's revealed to me His plan for me to be a Pastor. After I decide to serve Him, the Lord immediately healed me from the sickness. I had a constant desire to plant a Church at the heart of Imphal city where it is thickly dominated by Hindus and Muslims. I prayed for 5 years completely and the Lord opened the door for me to have planted a Church in 2006. We have about 45 members at our Church. We have also planted another fellowship Church. We have also opened a Bible Training School for Church Leaders...
My name is Mabguangbou Daimai
Spouse Name : Achongliu Daimai
Son Name: Tobias Daimai
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